C.Nichole, born Christin Nichole in Dallas, TX, had been a fan of music since the age of 2, but ultimately remembers Christmas of 1998 as an important moment of her life. After unwrapping and listening to Mya’s first CD, she realized she wanted to be in the music industry anyway she could; setting her goals for just that at 7 years old. After singing and winning at local talents shows and participating in choir, she moved to Southern California. Even in California while continuing talent shows, in the 6th grade C.Nichole to start a singing group with a couple of her peers, called Ability. After moving four times between California and Texas during Jr. High; disbanding the group seemed fair, but she didn’t stop song writing. Two years later, she took another chance at singing and attended singing workshops with Patrice Rushen and Teena Marie. But all of a sudden what was supposed to be a substitute for P.E. became her interest…dancing. While attending classes at Le Studio in Pasadena, CA C.Nichole trained in Hip-Hop, Flamenco, and Jazz. An opportunity came so she took it, and ventured off into modeling after getting signed to an agency in L.A. At 15, with modeling and working on movie sets, she knew that music was her real passion. She decided to commit to choir again and performed in Ovations: The Musical and joining shows with veterans like the Broadway group Up With People. By discovering Maria Mena and Amy Winehouse, she began to see that there was no politically correct way to write, which led her to conquer 1,100 songs before her junior year of high school. Feeling in order for people to take her serious, she needed to also tend to the business side of things. She filled out her first copyright application along with the BMI songwriter application at 16. Writing words out of the dictionary to increase her songwriting vocabulary had teachers asking if writing from the dictionary was a punishment, when in actuality it was a hobby. Moving back to Texas drew her into the modeling world once again, but that’s when her final change of heart came about. After modeling for the Texas Summer Music Conference, which enabled her to network with industry executives, artist, and DJs and take in their advice and hear their stories, she realized she needed to put down whatever was distracting her from music, and get back to business. After graduating high school early, she left right away to attend the University of Houston majoring in Marketing and minoring in European Studies & Journalism. She also seized the opportunity to intern at one of the “Big 3” record labels during her time there. Taking all the knowledge she learned, she started her own music publishing company. After demoing tracks for artists and getting feedback from labels, she realized that no one understood her sound and songwriting style, and decided to go about music alone; creating her own record label. C.Nichole decided to start off her career by being the singer in the duo group, Apollo’s Interlude.  After the group disbanded, she continued on as an Urban Pop artist. In 2014 C.Nichole released her 90’s and early 00’s R&B influenced album, “Coup d’Etat”. Her debut album landed singles such as “In My Dreams” and “Why” on internet radio stations on 3 different continents. “Hope You Hear This (On The Radio)” received FM radio play throughout America, while “Every Day” and “(Just Keep) You Hold On Me” caught the attention of college radio. After releasing the EP, “Acoustically C.Nichole: Coup d’Etat” in 2015, C.Nichole geared up for her 2016 SXSW performance. Having taken some time off to travel the world, while keeping her Urban Pop roots…she has resurfaced with the Hip-Hop influenced EP “Texas Chick”.